There are several space-based games for smartphones. Some involve racing, while others are mission-based. There’s even space games that require the player to destroy incoming enemies. All are listed below.

Space Racing 3D

Start playing immediately as an Aurora aircraft flying through The Dead Mine in Space Racing 3D. It features long, futuristic highways and massive buildings in a gloomy city. The aircraft stays close to the ground and is restricted to the course by shoulders. Anticipate curves as they approach and collect items as you play. Control the aircraft with on-screen arrow buttons or tilt control. The aircraft travels too fast to use tilt controls accurately. It’s better to play with on-screen touch buttons. This game also features a few weapons that you can fire at other aircraft racing against you.

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Cold Space

Fly through space firing automatic weapons at incoming enemies in Cold Space. The game moves vertically, and all you have to do is use the touchscreen to navigate the aircraft side to side. You can also move from the lower part of the screen to the upper part of the screen. The weapons can be changed as well.

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Space Race 3D

Space Race 3D takes place on a futuristic, space highway. It has wide lanes, which make playing much more enjoyable. Use the touchscreen to turn the aircraft right or left. If you don’t like that control scheme, you can select tilt motion control at the start of a new game. After trying both, the touch screen control option is much better.

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Avicii Gravity

Avicii Gravity features three tracks on which the aircraft can hover on. They are situated around you in a pyramidal shape. Swipe the screen left or right to jump onto an adjacent track. Try to collect as many items as you can while flying through the course. The game places incorrect items, which you must avoid collecting. Avoid obstacles and occasionally break through them. A catchy tune in the background provides the right ambience for this game.

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Space Corsair

If you are looking for a different type of space game, try Space Corsair. In this game, you fly a spaceship through space destroying asteroids and docking at space stations. There are several missions as well. Find the yellow target crosshairs and follow it to your destination. An on-screen directional pad is available to navigate. At the space station you can buy and sell items including gemstones, energy cells, lasers, and shields. When docking at space stations, approach slowly to allow the tractor beams to guide you in.

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The best game on this list is Avicii Gravity. It has a cool concept, challenging gameplay, and great music.

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