App Name: Tangram Mobile Browser [Android App]

Cost: Free

Developer: Lateral SV

App Market: Download Page


Tangram is an efficient mobile browser for people with high informational needs.

The computing experience, environment, and screen-size on mobile is very different from PCs and far from convenient. For users like you who rely on the web for information, knowledge, and decisions, current mobile browsers are frustrating to use. Tangram is a powerful, intelligent, and efficient mobile browser that allows you to process, analyze, store, and collaborate online information with speed and convenience.

Tangram’s powerful network and back-end features help you search, browse, and access the mobile web with power, speed, and convenience.

Tangram’s Intelligent algorithms automatically organize tabs, display your interactions, and intelligently remember entire sessions for your convenience.

Tangram’s efficient features and interface enable you to conveniently process, analyze, and complete multiple sessions within a few easy swipes.

Tangram enables productivity and efficiency. By reducing the time and effort needed to start, let alone finish entire search and browsing sessions on your most portable, accessible device we allow you to spend time on completing tasks and making informed decisions that define who you are.

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Larry Sullivan