I am always on the lookout for cool games and apps, especially on Kickstarter. Well today I have another one to report.

WRIO is a neat new keyboard app for Android devices. From the press release:

“WRIO Keyboard was designed from scratch to create an optimal typing result on touch devices. Intuitive new functions help to significantly increase typing speed and minimize typing errors.

The keys are much larger than on traditional keyboards and are arranged hexagonally, which makes them a lot easier to reach with thumbs and fingers. WRIO Keyboard also has two centrally located space keys and special characters that are noticeably faster to reach.

Touch-optimized gestures enable quick access to special functions. To capitalize letters, simply swipe up – the additional pressing of a shift key has been eliminated. A swipe to the left deletes a letter while a swipe to the right adds a space. An intelligent auto completion and correction as well as the automatic adaptation of the keyboard to individual typing behavior will further boost speed and decrease errors.”

For a $5 pledge supporters receive the final app.
For a $10 pledge supporters get access to the beta version as well as co-creator rights.

Check out the Kickstarter project here.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan