Going green has become a popular trend, so it comes as no surprise that the rapidly growing world of technology has caught on and developed a vast array of mobile apps to help you. These apps can range from fun games to simple tips, which can alter your everyday actions in order to make major differences. Below is a list of the top five apps that will allow you to start living a greener life.

Green Outlet

Green Outlet (iOS) allows you to check on your household appliances in order to see which are costing you the most to run, therefore giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision about your electrical uses. This app not only helps save the environment, it also saves you a significant amount of money on your electrical bill.

Green Gas Saver

Green Gas Saver (iOS) an astonishing app that enables you to track your fuel efficiency by telling you if you are accelerating too fast or turning to quickly, both of which can hamper your gas mileage. The idea of the app is to keep your driving at a constant pace. When you accelerate too fast an alarm will sound, indicating you need to slow down.  The app will also give you a score for any given drive, letting you see how “green” you were.

Green Me

Green Me (Android) the world’s largest “green” mobile community helps you improve your environmental impact on a daily basis. The Andorid app lists as many as five ways that you can contribute to being environmentally friendly.  There is also a “My Green Idea” feature that allows users to submit their own green tips that can be included in future versions of the app. Some of the more popular categories in the app include; Green My Clothing, Green My Community, Green My Food, and Green My Eco Footprint.


iRecycle (iOS) is the best app for researching and finding local recycling opportunities that are convenient to your specific location, whether you are at home or on the move. It provides easy access to more than a million ways to recycle over an astounding 350 different types of materials. iRecycle not only lets know you the best places to recycle, it also tells you when to recycle almost anything imaginable.


JouleBug (iOS) is an overall app designed to get you thinking about the environment, packed with numerous tips and information on how to save energy in your everyday life. There is a gaming aspect to this app, which can help get your kids involved as well. Your kids can earn badges and compete with other to become eco-friendly. If that doesn’t intrigue you, maybe the $200 you can save yearly by following the simple tips will.

These are but a few of the apps that can help you change the way you live. There are lots of ways to be apart of the solution, whether for educational purposes, or because you want to be apart of the change apps like these can help motivate you and the rest of your community to get involved.

About the Author: Habtamu Karg (Fueled.com)