Press Release:  Whitepages recently announced the launch of its new mobile app, Whitepages ID for iOS.  Available now in the App Store, Whitepages ID protects users from spam calls. It also provides a quick way to understand who a missed call is from and whether or not they want to return it.

Whitepages ID provides an easy solution to help iOS users detect unwanted calls and avoid being a victim of spam and phone scams. Whitepages’ ability to protect consumers from unwanted calls is backed by robust phone reputation technology and a dedicated team of researchers.  In July, the Whitepages Phone Reputation team tracked 308 million phone numbers and detected 11.3 million calls and texts engaged in spam or fraudulent activities.

“Cell phone users have the right to protect themselves from unwanted calls,” said Alex Algard, founder and CEO of Whitepages. “Starting today, we’re giving Apple users access to our database of over 600 million phone numbers, user-generated feedback on spam, and round-the-clock tracking of new and pre-existing phone scams. It’s all about giving people the necessary information to protect themselves.”

Whitepages ID for iOS comes after the company’s prior success with Whitepages Caller ID for Android, which has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Additional features of Whitepages ID include:

  • Fast Reverse Phone Lookup: Look up recent calls from unknown numbers, for free!
  • Spam-Check Dialer: Use in-app dialer to call unknown numbers and ensure you’re not dialing a spammer or scammer. Whitepages ID will alert you if the number you are calling is a known spam threat.
  • Blacklist Individual Numbers: Create a blacklist of phone numbers you don’t ever want to answer.
  • Spam Reporting Capabilities: Report unwanted calls and contribute to Whitepages’ list of known spam and scam numbers.
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Larry Sullivan