With so many games in the app store, it’s not easy finding a well-designed game involving mythical elements. The following list features card battle games, match-3 games, and action RPG games that have a mythical theme. So if you like ancient Greek gods, Camelot, or Atlantis, check out the games listed below.

Heroes of Camelot

Enter a world of knights and druids in Heroes of Camelot. This card battle game displays information clearly, including the mana cost, the number of stars, HP and attack values, enhance and evolve stats, and current level. Start by recruiting a team and then engage in battle. Sit back and watch as the fight unfolds. Explore different lands including Blackthorne Wood and the Plains of Camelot. The story takes place in the time of King Arthur and the mysterious Avalon. Talk about it with other players using the messenger system in the game.

This game is available on Google Play, iTunes, and Windows Phone.

Call of Atlantis

Learn about the mythical world of Atlantis in this game. It features an interesting story, match-3 play, and a cool application of the touchscreen. Immerse yourself in the tranquil sea and unlock the seals of Poseidon. Trace the pattern shown on the screen to receive an amulet. It will help you find the crystals scattered throughout the ancient world. Travel to Egypt, Babylon, Phoenicia, Troy, Greece, Rome, and Carthage. In each location, there are several rounds of challenging games including match-3 games.

This game is available on Google Play.

Gods Rush

Get in the middle of an ancient quarrel between the Greek gods in this well-designed RPG. Enter battles with a team of heroes and fight several bands of enemies. Each one meets you in the middle of a scenic landscape dotted with ancient Greek and Egyptian elements. Watch as your team automatically engages in battle. When prompted, tap the highlighted character to use special attacks and powers. After winning, the game progresses to the next group of thugs via a side-scrolling transition. As you increase your level, more options become available including the Gauntlet, the Arena, and the Merchant. The game has several community features including a messaging system, an event bulletin board, and VIP membership.

This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Age of Sparta

This game features many of the mythical elements of the ancient world including historical figures, scenery, costumes, and events. Expand the grounds of Sparta with new construction and build wheat farms, vineyards, and a quarry. Add the Grounds of Ares and Sacred Grounds to prepare for battle. Afterward, leave the city and fight the Persian army. Unlike other strategy games, this one lets you interact with items that appear in the field of battle. Swipe at hurtling boulders to destroy them, tap giant vases to unleash explosions, and tap treasure chests to release magic powers.

This game is available on Google Play, iTunes, and Windows Phone.

Ashoka: The Game

Strange music and a chanting voice play when you start this game. It only prepares you for the challenging bow and arrow action where you tap moving enemies as they run across the screen to hit them. The music playing during the game is equally exhilarating. A few enemies will eventually get close enough to you to fight hand to hand in a side-scrolling transition. Tap the screen at various locations when prompted to land a strike with a sword. Ashoka the Great is the main character – an Indian emperor from the Maurya Dynasty.

This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.


All these games are mythical, but if I had to download just one it would be Call of Atlantis. This game was a wonderful surprise, with interesting stories and challenging match-3 elements. The mythical story is told well, and the use of the touchscreen is impressive.

Vasanth Simon

I am a freelance writer writing about everything including games. Check out my game listings for smartphones at AppReviewCentral. I own a Samsung Galaxy J3.

Vasanth Simon