Yes I enjoy playing games on my mobile devices, as do my kids. Sometimes these games can be a pain in the butt. Well my buddy over at is here to help. App Help Guru provides answers, hints, and walkthroughs to a ton of games and he is continuing to build up his database. I recommend you check the site out.  A couple of examples:

Emoji Games

Emoji games are really popular, you get shown a few emojis and need to combine them together to guess the answer.  App Help Guru has answers for EmojiNation, What’s the Emoji, Guess the Emoji answers, and more.

Word Games

If you are into word games, a very popular one is Bonza Word Puzzle, it is a twist on crossword games, and App Help Guru have all the Bonza answers.  This includes all the celebrity packs, and all the Bonza daily puzzle answers. I really like Bonza, so look for a review soon.

Another great word game (only on iOS) is Alpha Omega, a new style of game where you are given jumbled letters in a crossword format and must rearrange them to solve the puzzle.  This can get quite tricky though, so if you get stuck check out the Alpha Omega answers here.

Definitely head over to App Hero Guru if you need a hand in your mobile gaming!

Larry Sullivan

Larry has been writing Android and iOS app reviews for about 4+ years. In addition to app reviews, he conducts developer interviews, reports on new apps, and general mobile news. In addition to his own blog, App Review Central, Larry is a contributor to numerous other Android and iOS app review sites.

Larry Sullivan