YouMail replaces standard carrier voicemail on your smartphone with an automated secretary that treats callers better, gives users more privacy and provides the tools to be more productive. YouMail is designed to help busy people – from soccer moms to CEOs – stay productive by simplifying their voicemail. It saves time and handles calls like they were email; identifies important callers, adds privacy and blocks unwanted callers.

YouMail also stores voicemail in a cloud allowing users to check messages through the iOS and Android app; the website, or by calling in to your YouMail number. Voice-messages are transcribed, giving users the ability to read voicemails and reply to users via email or text. Voicemails can also be delivered to users through email or SMS.

YouMail’s technology automatically greets callers by name, giving a more personalized experience. After callers leave a message, YouMail also sends a follow-up text message with a link to a webpage with alternative ways to contact you while they await your return call. This serves as a lead generation tool for business professionals as YouMail will asks users that are not currently in your phonebook to fill out their contact information.

93% of YouMail subscribers save 3-5 hours a week, managing phone calls and voicemails. Upgrading voicemail with YouMail can greatly increase the productivity of your workday and personal life.

The YouMail app can handle phone calls on Android devices, iPhones, Blackberries, and Windows Phones.

NEW THIS WEEK!: YouMail’s SmartBlock technology automatically detects and blocks robocalls by delivering a “number disconnected” greeting so the telemarketer thinks your number isn’t valid and then removes it from the robocall list- forever.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan