With the MLB 2015 season upon us, it is time to look at some neat baseball games for mobile. There are quite a few in the app store and finding one worth playing can be a challenge. Don’t download randomly, check out this list of entertaining baseball games first! Today’s list includes a professional, full season baseball game, a home run derby game, and games that focus just on batting.

1. Tap Sports Baseball

Precisely hit the ball in Tap Sports Baseball to get on base. You will either strike out, hit a foul ball, or get a hit, depending on when you tap the screen. Pay attention to the speed stat for each player to accurately time the swing. There’s a tutorial at the start of the game and online matches against other players. The game includes a chat messaging system which lets you talk with other players. View extensive stats, create teams, and compete in tournaments. The game includes the option to draft players, add free agents, or sign franchise players. In addition to that, you can complete the professional baseball team ownership experience by adding coaches and upgrading uniforms.

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2. 9 Innings: 2015 Pro Baseball.

There are a lot of menus to navigate through before actually playing a game in 9 Innings: 2015 Pro Baseball. Once you reach the batter’s box, it has a perfect, catcher’s perspective during offense. If you can’t land a hit with your current player, change to a more reliable one and swing away. The pitches come fast so pay attention. On defense, select the type of pitch to throw and the strike zone location to aim for. This game also has a baseball card collecting portion and achievements to complete.

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3. Big Hit Baseball Free

In Big Hit Baseball, select a home team and decide whether you want to pitch or bat first. On offense, swipe the screen to hit the ball. While pitching, swipe toward the strike zone to throw the ball. Depending on how accurate you are, the ball will travel where it should or go wildly out of the strike zone. It’s not easy getting three outs. However, the cute graphics and animations, especially when the batter gets hit on the head, are enough to keep you playing.

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4. MLB.com Home Run Derby 14

This game captures the essence of the home run derby with a nice intro video. Use one thumb to aim the bat on the screen and tap the screen with the other hand to swing the bat. If you’re lucky, you’ll hit a home run. Sign players with in-game currency (MLBUCKS) and improve hitting by buying bats. There are performance-enhancing items available including passive boots such as EAGLE EYE. This will let you see where the first 10 pitches. Without it, it’s pretty much impossible to hit the ball.

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5. Homerun Battle 2

It takes a while for Homerun Battle 2 to connect online, but when it does there’s a tutorial that prepares you for the game. Unlike the previous games on this list, Homerun Battle 2 lets you choose where on the screen to swing, as well as when to swing. Just tilt the smartphone to target the location of the ball and tap the screen to hit the ball. This is much more challenging, but isn’t as fun as just timing the swing. There are two options: single player and multi-player. In the multi-player mode, you compete against another player online to hit more balls and score more home runs. The mission mode in multi-player features unique challenges such as hitting three home runs without hitting a foul ball. In single-player, hit as many balls as possible. The burning mode in single-player is timed and the balls are thrown in rapid succession. It gets frustrating, and you might throw your phone at the wall. There’s a pause button and a chat message icon to relieve some of the stress.

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If I had to download one game, it would be Tap Sports Baseball. It has really good batting mechanics. You can accurately predict when to swing the bat by using the speed statistic of each player. Swinging early or quickly affects whether you make contact or not. The game is also well-designed with many additional features that add to the gameplay.

Vasanth Simon

I am a freelance writer writing about everything including games. Check out my game listings for smartphones at AppReviewCentral. I own a Samsung Galaxy J3.

Vasanth Simon