[Editor’s Note: I grew up with Star Wars. I saw the original movie in the theater and I have all  on VHS! Being able to play Star Wars related games on my phone has been a lot of fun, so I tasked Vasanth with putting together this post, even though he is not a Star War fan. May the Force be with you!]

There are many Star Wars games in the app store, and finding one that is well-designed and accurately represents the movie franchise can be a challenge. Here are five games to consider playing. The list includes a base-defense game, a strategy card game, and a run and gun game.

1. LEGO Star Wars Yoda II

Launch quickly into missions and navigate through different worlds by using the onscreen directional buttons. The action is fast-paced so you’ll have to react quickly to collect holocrons, shoot at targets, and avoid obstacles. Some of the missions are unplayable, such as the free-fall mission and the space-flight battle, while others, such as the land-based missions, are perfectly suited for smartphones. Run and gun or use the light-saber to make your way through these levels. This game is available on Google Play and on iTunes.

2. Star Wars Force Collection

The game opens with live, realistic photos from the movie and continues into a card selection process, where you choose characters to fight against storm troopers. The battle occurs on its own. A more entertaining part of the game is the Quests, which require the player to tap the screen to destroy attacking storm troopers. If there are tougher opponents, a battle starts, and you must select the right cards to battle with. Decide which cards to enter into battle with and which cards to upgrade. This game offers in-app purchases, which consist of crystals. These help speed up game-play by filling out a player’s deck of cards. This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

3. Star Wars Commander

This clan-based game is all about building a base and defending it from attacks. As a mercenary, you must choose to join either the Empire or the Rebels. Use R2D2 robots to construct buildings while making other arrangements, such as deploying Walkers to go on the offense. Always be aware of attacks from Jabba. The easy-to-follow onscreen prompts make it easy to transition from one screen to another, especially when you are training troops and adding hardware to the base.

Join a squad to chat with other players and request resources from other players in the squad. This is useful when you run out of troops. When you have enough troops, you can play matches against other players. During battles, tap the screen to deploy troops around a target. It takes a bit more effort to accurately use air attacks; you’ll have to tap the target to bomb, versus tapping safe deployment zones for troops. After winning, there’s a replay option to review the battle. This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

4. Next Star Wars

Next Star Wars is a well-made space flight simulator. Fly through space by tilting the smartphone and shoot at enemies by tapping on the screen. It’s challenging and worth downloading. This game is available on Google Play.

5. Lego Star Wars – The Yoda Chronicles

This game features a well-made cinematic intro and a better perspective than most over-the-head camera levels. Maneuver through a city guarded by enemies and focus on defeating the Sith and other characters from the Star Wars universe. Watch out for ambushes, while shooting your way through the game. It is available on Google Play and iTunes.

My Recommendation: While I am not a fan of Star Wars, if I had to pick one game to download it would be Lego Star Wars – The Yoda Chronicles. It’s fun, interesting, and similar to standard console games.

Vasanth Simon

I am a freelance writer writing about everything including games. Check out my game listings for smartphones at AppReviewCentral. I own a Samsung Galaxy J3.

Vasanth Simon