uCiC (You See I See) is a mobile solution for anyone who has ever had a location-based question that would best be answered by someone who is there as a real-time image or video from anywhere in the world.

This free iOS and Android app, allows users to select any area of the world in which they have a question, and reach out to other app users in a specific location, whether they know them or not, to complete and send the image or video request. The app is very simple to use and can provide a wide array of fun, educational, informational and safety content.

When someone makes a uCiC request, they will be able to see how many other users are in the location in which they are seeking information, whether across town or around the world. If another user is in the area of a request, they will receive a notification on their phone and they can then choose to complete the request. Their camera will automatically open, allowing them to take a picture or video and send it back with the tap of a button.

Privacy is very important to uCiC, so the app provides users the option to choose their own visibility settings. A user can choose to be completely anonymous, be visible only to their friends or choose to be fully visible to everyone.

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Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan