If you’re interested in mobile apps and have an entrepreneurial spirit, building your own app could be an exciting endeavor. You may find the allure of creating a product based on your own idea reason enough to explore what path to take to build an app. However, the possible financial gain is also a good reason to be methodical. Organize your project by following an outline for app building success.

Outline for App Entrepreneurs

App development takes more than just a great idea. To see your project come to fruition, consider the process before getting started:

  1. Define the problem
  2. Define a solution and concept
  3. Research competition and alternatives
  4. Create a business plan
  5. Create an operations plan
  6. Plan the investment arc
  7. Design, deploy, and develop V1
  8. Execute marketing plan defined in the business plan
  9. Measure success against the goals set in the business plan

Concentrate on steps 1 through 6 when you are getting started with fleshing out your app idea.

Getting Started

You are probably close to finishing steps 1 and 2 since you already have your idea for the app. These steps require you to define your idea by establishing the problem and your solution to it in clear language. This concept is what you will discuss with potential investors and will help give you focus.

Step 3 will also be important before you present your app to investors. You need to make sure that you have researched the competition and have concluded that there are no apps too similar to yours, causing investors to hesitate.


The last of the initial phase includes the business, operation, and investment plans. It is tempting to jump to development right away, but solid planning is impressive to investors, whether they are angel investors or just friends and family at this point.

Good planning also gives you an idea of what kind of requirements you’ll test against later.

Development and Beyond

Once you’ve finished planning, you’ll be ready for development. Find an app development company who shares your vision for your app and has a focus on design and usability. Whether it’s a DYI platform like Como, a boutique app development company like Noble Applications, or even a friend, do your research before hiring a developer or deciding to do it yourself. Your app V1 is around the corner, and you’ll be well prepared for the work if you have planned ahead and followed a project outline.