To help round out the year, I have pulled together quite a few press releases I have gotten here into one post.

1. Best Fiends (Android)

2. Pixel Boat (Android)

3. War of Tanks: Clans (Android)

In War of Tanks: Clans, players take command of a tank brigade in fierce battle with their enemies. Players have to conquer enemy lines with up to three tanks at once. The more battles are won, the more historical WWII tanks will be unlocked and available for epic showdowns on the front line. The newly appointed commander can choose from 30 different and well-known tanks, such as the light and maneuverable Pzkpfw II Luchs, or the legendary heavy Churchill. Each tank consists of 4 separate modules: top turret, chassis, tank shell, and weapon.

4. Ambush! – Tower Offense (Android)

The free-to-play strategy title with 2D cartoon graphics offers an entertaining mash-up of tower defense and offense gameplay, which allows players to change sides and attack other players’ defenses with a variety of battle units

  • Four types of battle towers and four types of monster spawning portals, each with 5 upgrades
  • Four heroes for Tower Offense
  • Six types of territories and resources
  • Eight types of stats boosting labs to build on player’s territories
  • Two battle grounds – Mainland and Inferno
  • Ten battle maps
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