Boomlagoo, a mobile gaming company based in Helsinki, Finland, is putting together a cool looking new game Monsu, which should be out withn the next couple of months.

From the press release:

In Monsu, players will immerse themselves in a colorful, action-packed journey alongside an ever-growing collection of customizable characters. Determined to retrieve Monsu’s stolen treasure, players will battle their way through never-ending waves of grumpy villagers.

Each character features a rich backstory and magical powers that players collect over time to bash, smash and battle their foes. The world of Monsu is vast, and players can explore several territories, including the Woods, Cave, Cemetery, Castle and Village. A highly social game, players will engage in regular online tournaments and missions alongside their friends.

“The name Monsu is based on the game’s playful monsters, and the inspiration for the art style comes from the recent resurgence of Hollywood animation. We’ve found that the game appeals to male and female gamers, both young and old alike,” said Tuomas Erikoinen, Chief Creative Officer of Boomlagoon.

For more information on the game, please visit Boomlagoo or check out the Monsu Facebook page and Twitter for even more exciting updates.