Tempest was one of my favorite video game back in the day. Over the years there have a been a few clones of the game. The newest one is Triblaster from Bulkypix. I like the game. Playing the game definitely reminded me of the days when I had to put quarters into the video game.  The graphics, sounds,  controls are well done and make the game a lot of fun.

For those unfamiliar with Tempest (shame on you), your mission is to destroy all of the ships (not really sure what they are) coming at you on the game grid. You can scroll left and right and jump. Automatic fire is always on so all you need to do is maneuver. Even though you do not have to shoot, it is still hard and a fast paced game. In each level, the game grid is a different shape, adding to the fun and challenge.  You keep going until you run out of lives.

So if you enjoy retro games or you even remember Tempest, give TRIBLASTER a shot, you will not be disappointed.



Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan