Do you keep an eye on what you eat? Do you use a mobile app to help you out in your quest to live and eat better?

If you are interested in learning how nutrition apps (Android and iOS) are changing consumers lives, then you should check out this new report:  mNutrition The impact of smartphones on the nutrition industry from research2guidance.

From the study:

“The quality of food recognition and evaluation for packaged products and standard food and restaurant dishes is already good today” says Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Managing Director of research2guidance. “Today consumers can use their smartphones to scan their food in supermarkets and restaurants and have ingredient, diet and allergy compliance information as well as recommendations for better products at hand”.

Nutrition apps are already a powerful tool in the hands of the consumers. They improve transparency, the food industry has been keen on not to providing over the last years… Nevertheless, given the current app portfolio of food companies, it seems that the industry doubts it that consumers would already use apps to select, prepare and monitor the consumption of food. 

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan