App Name: Jamstar Acoustics-Learn Guitar [Android App]

Cost: Free

Developer: Livetune Ltd.

App Market: Download Page


Jamstar is an interactive mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop app that acts as your own personal guitar teacher. Jamstar is catered for guitarists of all levels, and works with any acoustic and electric guitar, without requiring an extra device/ attachment to work along with a phone, tablet or computer.

Jamstar is the only zero-latency guitar lessons app available on the market, which means that you will be given feedback in real time as you work through technique and style lessons.


  • The Jamstar community currently has over 200,000 active users!
  • Jamstar utilizes DR Strings’ new NEON Multi Color guitar sets, students will color coordinate the strings on their guitar with the lesson in the app for correct finger placement, strumming timing and fretting notes.
  • Jonathan Schwartz, DJ for SiriusXM’s JamON Station is a Jamstar Co-Founder.
  • Jamstar For Teachers was recently announced, allowing any guitar teacher to upload their own lessons and track the progress of their students.
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Larry Sullivan