App Name: iMemento Deluxe [iOS App]

Cost: $3.99 USD

Developer: Thomas Busse

App Market: Download Page


iMemento Deluxe is a new flashcard app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. iMemento Deluxe allows users to create, study, and test self-provided content on flashcards.

The app is very easy to use and should come in handy for those students looking to create ways to review their material.  Learning topics in the app are created from books and lectures on the device or can be imported from CSV and TXT file formats. iMemento Deluxe comes with several pre-installed flashcards that are meant to demonstrate the use of the program.

When students create their own flashcards, they can do so on the device and can customize the look and feel of the cards. They can even import images. Now you might say it will take a bit of work to make the flashcards but hey as they make the cards, they will be reviewing the material- isn’t that the whole point?  The app also has some nice features on it on number of cards to review a day and more.  A neat thing is that students can save and share their notecards via Dropbox.  Not a bad little review app for under $4 USD.

Some feature:

  • Ability to create, edit, and delete flashcards
  • Easy correction of typos in fast edit mode
  • Exam mode tests and grades answers
  • Show Card” Mode for initial learning
  • Tracks learning progress with statistics
  • Multiple Choice available in Study mode
  • Import via iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox
  • Landscape and portrait mode

Some info on how the app works: When opening a book or lecture, iMemento Deluxe offers four different options: Check, Learn, Exam, and Statistics.

In the Check mode, first the Question (front) side and then the Answer (back) side of the flashcard is displayed. The user is prompted to input whether they knew the answer or not. Depending on the input, iMemento Deluxe will rank the flashcard and display it according to its rank. As each flashcard is displayed in Check mode, it receives a star ranking. A known flashcard gets an additional star while an unknown flashcard loses a star. When the flashcard reaches the maximum number of stars, it is considered Learned and will not display again.

The Learn mode allows users to become familiar with the contents of a book or lecture by giving them access to both the questions and answers on the flashcards. When the flashcard displays, only the question will be visible. However, after tapping the device, the answer shows up. All modes can be limited to certain lectures. 

In the Exam mode, users can test their knowledge or learning progress with an exam.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan