An app/service for the world traveler(s) out there!

Twisper  is now launching Twisper Guides that allow everyday Twisper community members to curate, share and subscribe to personal guides for amazing locations around the world.

Available for iOS, Android,  and the Web,  Locations can be themed and grouped in any way users want and then shared easily with friends, family, colleagues and across the Twisper community. Twisper not only gives people access to insider location tips, but also allows experts to share their own and increase their reputation.

“With the launch of the Guides, our users now have even more opportunities to interact with and bring people closer to their favorite locations around the world,” states David de Brito, Twisper’s CEO.

In April 2014, Twisper will launch their Branded and Premium Guides. Branded Guides will be curated and published exclusively by Twisper with Premium Guides offering more opportunities to industry professionals. Together, these innovative travel guides represent a first in the tech travel market.

“Twisper strengthens its position as the most reliable and authentic travel app on the market today,” adds David de Brito. “With Twisper Premium Guides, we’re opening up a previously unused and untapped channel for customer service as well as a market place for businesses, brands and professionals.”

With over 17,000 accurate, reliable and quality bar, hotel, club, restaurant and shop recommendations available worldwide, Twisper aims to be the only reliable guide to the world’s favorite locations. Up to 25 locations can be saved and added to a Twisper Guide.