Here is a neat Kickstarter Campaign, I just found. Looks pretty good- something for families with little ones.

Here is what the men behind the campaign have to say:

Inspired in part by the bright, colorful creations of Dr Seuss, the app encourages children to explore the alphabet through animal-based typography – rewarding progress with beautiful, interactive animations and rhymes for each of the zoo’s 26 residents.

The app utilities the very latest 3D modelling and animation technology, with each character stunningly brought to life to engage and inspire young children and parents through a unique shared experience.  The hope is this extra funding will pay for additional functionality within the app, including a cool kids’ Name Creator using our distinctive animal typeface. (No child’s room would be complete without it.)

A lovingly-crafted hardcover book has also been created to support the app launch, available as a reward for those supporting the Kickstarter project.

You can find out more about the project by visiting our Alpha Zoo Kickstarter page or heading to

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan