If you are looking for some great educational apps for your kids, I recommend you try AppoLearning.

AppoLearning is a website that pulls together and provides reviews for educational apps for the iPad. I have had the honor of writing for them and the system is very well done.  The folks behind AppoLearning have initially focused on apps for the iPad but the Android version is coming soon ( How do I know? I have already written up a few reviews.)

Well AppoLearning has just come out with its iPad app, which will allow you to search while on the run. You can learn about the app here.  Techcrunch put together a nice piece about it:  AppoLearning For iPad Helps Parents & Teachers Find The Educational Apps Worth Buying.

I have downloaded a copy of the app and it works really well. It pulls data from the website and you can search by age group, subject matter, articles, and author.  Take a look at the video and then head over to app store to get your copy.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan