San Francisco, California – July 18, 2013 – G5 Entertainment and Cateia Games are launching a dark hidden object adventure, Red Crow Mysteries: Legion on Google Play, Nook and in a full version on Mac today. In the game you play as a “gifted” young girl who wakes to find “something” went horribly wrong. You’re informed by your dead mother’s ghost that you were gifted with special powers that should help you in your battle between good and evil. Now you’ll be tested to prove you are strong enough to defeat Legion. You will need to explore dark and eerie locations to find clues, search for special items and solve tricky puzzles. Pass the ultimate test, defeat the impending threat and preserve the world as we know it.

There are three game modes for your choice: easy, casual and adventure. Traditionally, an adventure mode is the most difficult – the hint recharges much more slowly, you cannot skip puzzles, you do not have lists of hidden items and active zones are not highlighted. Whether you are a newcomer to the genre or just want to spend a few hours looking for hidden items and solving challenging puzzles, Red Crow Mysteries is the right choice for you.

The game is developed by Cateia Games and published on Android OS & Mac OS by G5 Entertainment.


  • 73 hidden object scenes to search
  • 25 challenging mini-games to play
  • Three awesome chapters with six eye-catching locations
  • Three game play modes: easy, casual and adventure

Red Crow Mysteries: Legion is available for download on Google Play, Nook Color, Nook Tablet, Nook HD/HD+ Tablet and in a full version on Mac today. The MSRP of the game is $4.99 on Google Play, Nook and $6.99 on Mac. Originally the game was developed for PC by Cateia Games. Red Crow Mysteries: Legion is also available on iPhone and iPad.

Google Play: Red Crow Mysteries: Legion for Google Play

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan