I am always on the lookout for new games, as are most mobile gamers. Well where do you look to find them, other than here at AppReviewCentral? ūüôā

One site I recommend is AppShopper.com Here they tell you about new iOS games, updated games, and  more importantly price drops!

DroidGamers.com, a site that I write for does a great job letting folks know about new Android games.

The last site I wanted to mention is Kickstarter.com. For those unfamiliar, Kickstarter is a website where folks can list projects and allow visitors to donate to the cause. Now these games are not currently available but there are some neat ideas out there and the ability to help support developers is important.  You pledge to help the developer out and if they meet their targeted level of funding, then you will be billed. If they do not meet, then you lose nothing.

I did some looking and unfortunately there is no way to pull a feed from the site so you will need to go there and search by hand. I will of course mention projects as I find them. Here are a few current ones:

1. Wars and Battles

2. Goblin Grand Prix! РA mobile game inspired by RoboRally

3.  DinoWars Evolution

4. ¬†Ghost Encounters: Deadwood – Collector’s Edition

5.  Battle-Cattle for iOS/Android

6.  Gettysburg: The Tide Turns РiPad & iPhone Wargaming  (funded)

So if you are looking to help fund some new games or other cool stuff, head over to Kickstarter.

Larry Sullivan

Larry has been writing Android and iOS app reviews for about 4+ years. In addition to app reviews, he conducts developer interviews, reports on new apps, and general mobile news. In addition to his own blog, App Review Central, Larry is a contributor to numerous other Android and iOS app review sites.

Larry Sullivan