Putting an app on the app store and counting how many downloads it has is not enough to measure success. Success is measured in different ways. Downloads don’t necessary reflect the number of people using the app. Some may had downloaded it but later on removed it or did not make use of it. App marketers should also research on other strategies on how they can track the progress of their app.

It is very important that every marketer should know the statistics and data of their application’s status such as, value information and market revenue. They should also consider the customers’ feedback, reviews and ratings regarding the functionality and usefulness of the app. In that way, they can find other alternatives and strategies on how they can improve and optimize their app.

Utilizing the use of analytics and performance metrics are also other ways on how you can track the progress of your app. Track how many users downloaded your app, the most viewed content, number of visitors and other data that can influence the improvement of your app. Marketing business in not a one time effort. Continuous monitoring is very vital so that you can identify problems and errors encountered. By doing so, you can avoid future conflicts and mistakes that can lead to business failure.

If working with business partners, teamwork and camaraderie are very essential to the business. Everyone should agree on the terms and everyone should brainstorm or plan on how they can improve their business.

The following infographic designed by Dot Com Infoway sheds light on vital aspects that mobile app marketers need to focus on to make sure their promotional activities drive results.

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Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan