There are 14 million parents in the U.S. with children between 0-3 years that have at least one mobile device. By 2015 parental apps will reach 100% of the target group since all 14 million parents will have a smartphone or a tablet. With every parent in the U.S. owning at least one mobile device soon, parental apps offer high monetization opportunities for the mobile industry.

Parental apps represent a niche market, but nevertheless they are a segment with high monetization opportunities says the new report “The U.S. Parental App Market 2015” from research2guidance.Between 2010 and 2015 the number of capable devices in the target group will be increasing steadily. Smartphones and tablets will reach a penetration rate of over 100% by the end of 2015. Thus, in two year’s time there will be 14 million parents with 16 million capable devices in the U.S.

Mobile apps that accompany parents during the first years of their children’s life represent a market fragment which is highly relevant for their users. “Monetization chances for parental apps are high because of daily multi-time usage, high brand awareness, high relevance and the intrinsic sharing need of parents. Thus, parental apps should on average be able to charge higher app download prices, generate in-app advertisement and purchase revenues compared to apps of other categories” explains Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Head of Research at research2guidance.

Mobile apps that support parents to securely raise their children are of high value. App developers can build their apps upon strong mobile use cases like “never miss a moment” (baby diaries), “peace of mind” (information and guidance) or “quantified self” (child development trackers).“

At present there are almost 4,700 parental applications in the major app stores and by 2015 the total number of parental apps will exceed 9,500”, says Anca Aneculaesei, Senior Research Analyst at research2guidance. “This illustrates the intensifying competition in the niche market of parental apps.”

More than a quarter of all parental apps will be published on the iOS platform and more than half them on Android.

At the same time, the high competition is matched by high demand from parents, as demonstrated by the 124 million downloads for parental apps by 2015 and a multi-million USD market.

The new report “The U.S. Parental App Market” by research2guidance is the only available market report on parental mobile applications addressed to app publishers, VCs and other funding organizations, as well as to healthcare companies.

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