gardeningHere’s good news for all you green and plant lovers: we have compiled 5 Android apps for gardening enthusiasts. We have been searching the net to find out best Android apps to assist gardeners to make most of their investments (in terms of money, time, and resources) so that they could tend their well-loved gardens and plots effectively.

So, sit back and relax and watch your garden grow with these 5 Android apps for gardening enthusiasts:

1. Gardenate

Gardenate proves to a useful, handy, and practical tool for those who are into growing vegetables. The app gives you all the vital information you will require to start your own garden, along with detailed information, hints, and tips for for growing and tending green plants. Likewise, it also offers information on local planting guidelines for people living in U.S., U.K., New Zealand, and Australia. The best part of this gardening app is that it lets you note down best plants, successes, and failures. In addition, the app sends you notifications on predicted harvest dates so you will be ready for it.

2. Gardener

As a gardener, you may want to keep a journal about wide varieties of plants and plots to better manage and keep track of them. Sometimes, you may also want to show off an album of your beautiful garden to your friends, don’t you? Well, here’s an awesome app to let you do that! Gardener includes two major functionalities for every gardener: a logging features and a photo album to record every details of plants to keep track of all work done, and keep the pictures and their details of variety of green plants and blooms. In addition, the timeline feature of Gardener will let you view the progress of your plants and crops, and assist you plan and modify accordingly.

3. Master Gardener Pocket Guide

As the name implies, this guide goes right into your pocket. Become a gardening genius by learning more than 400 gardening terms and ideas via flash cards, quizzes, and dictionaries. This gardening Android app is perfect for beginners who want to get started with growing gardens, and best tool for experts who want to sharpen their knowledge, too. The pocket guide includes a feature that lets you record incorrect answers, via email, text message your friend a question, post quiz scores, among others. Isn’t it great tool for learning?

4. Landscape and Garden Calculators

No matter who you are – a hobbyist, a landscaper, or a DIY guru – you will never have to think about calculations again whenever you are out on your garden. This app will make everything look simple and easy, including making plans for your fences, plot sizes, ponds, and every other arrangement you will ever need to spruce up your garden or lawn.

Calculations are measured in English system. If you require keeping records, simply text message or email your calculations from the app. In addition, the GPS functionality will give you an accurate measurement of the distance between two points, instantly.

5. Garden Guide

This is all-in-one gardening guide you will ever come across in the net. Under the Crops and Techniques tab, you will get expert advice on best plant varieties, pest control, and boosting yields. Likewise, through the Resources section, you can access more information on gardening, like gardening guides, books, and products. Moreover, through the Mother Earth News tab, you will stay tuned-up to host of news and updates. Plus, there are plenty of attractive illustrations to make browsing a more enjoyable feat.

So, which of the 5 Android apps for gardening enthusiasts are you using today?

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