Offerbook, the app originally designed to simplify the process of finding, saving, and redeeming Facebook Offers, has recently been given an impressive set of social features designed to bring some excitement back to the online discount industry.

If you’ve been feeling a bit lost in the ever growing and ever more unspectacular sea of online offers, you’re not alone. Since the rise to popularity of sites like Groupon and Livingsocial, a vast array of similar models began gracing the Internet, eventually resulting in social giants

Facebook implementing their very own platform. While Facebook offers in theory should have added another, more social level to this model of business, it hasn’t quite taken off as planned. As things stand; there’s simply too much flooding users’ newsfeeds for the majority of offers to stand out. No only this, but the system makes it a rather tricky & tiresome process to actually store or use the offers.

To put it more informally; you might catch the odd deal amidst your news feed, most are likely to get lost somewhere between your mom’s bejewelled high score and your annoying friend’s dramatic but vague complaints about life.

Offerbook, launched in 2013, allows users to easily save, store and discover new Facebook offers. In addition, saved offers can easily be redeemed from within the app. Its latest features succeed where Facebook somewhat failed; namely in bringing a bit of life back to the offer game. The app provides an interface in which offers are the main focus, not an afterthought. Not only this; but app users will now have access to a vast array of social information on businesses providing offers, such as images, tweets, and reviews.

This is an approach to offers we’ve not seen yet, and if successful should solve a lot of problems for both browsers and providers of Facebook offers. Customers will now be able to see offers relevant to their interests or social groups, and exceptional businesses will be able to stand out amongst a dominant surplus of offer-spammers.

Mobile engagement with offers and discounts is increasing steadily, and as demonstrated by recent research; is only scratching the surface of its potential right now. Mediapost published a telling article, which highlighted the fact that digital coupons made up just 1% of the 350 billion used in 2011 & 2012.

Not only is the usage of digital coupons on the rise, but the justification for this rise is clear for all to see. Digital discount coupons have a 10% redemption rate, which is rather astonishing in comparison to the less impressive rate of 1% for those distributed via more traditional methods such as newspapers & magazines.

Offerbook looks like one the more promising platforms in terms of its ability to continue the growth of mobile discounts, as it brings an exciting & engaging human element to the offer discovery process.

Ankit Sehgal, founder of Offerbook, claims, “With Offerbook’s new features, you’re able to see social status of the places and quickly find out if it will appeal to you”. He elaborates; “people aren’t as interested in offers anymore simply because there are so many out there. We like to think we’ve provided a platform in which offers become interesting once again.”

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