May 13th, 2013, San Francisco, CA

Last week, while working on all the goodies for the next version of Any.DO, we heard that Yahoo! has acquired Astrid and is planning to stop supporting the service. Luckily, our talented engineers hacked all weekend and have created a simple tool to help the Astrid community safely import their tasks into Any.DO for Free!

If you have Astrid on your device all you need to do is to download Any.DO, click the Import button and… that’s it! In a matter of seconds Any.DO will safely import all of your tasks and get you back on track. Now you can refocus
on making things happen.



Once you’re all setup, you can start exploring the amazing Any.DO experience. Out of the box we already support seamless cloud sync, speech recognition, Any.DO Moment (daily planner), various snoozing options, Google Task sync, notes & sub tasks, Widgets, Recurring Tasks, In app actions, gesture support and much much more!
Happy Any.DO’ing.

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Larry Sullivan

Larry has been writing Android and iOS app reviews for about 4+ years. In addition to app reviews, he conducts developer interviews, reports on new apps, and general mobile news. In addition to his own blog, App Review Central, Larry is a contributor to numerous other Android and iOS app review sites.

Larry Sullivan