US Top 10 iPhone mHealth Apps Generate 5.5 Mio. Lifetime Downloads On Average

Today’s most successful free Health & Fitness apps accumulated 5.5 Mio. downloads since their first appearance in the Apple App Store on average. There are significant performance gaps that highlight the importance of choosing the “right” platform, app category and device choice for mHealth publishers.

There are 3 main areas of performance gaps that impact the performance of a top mHealth app most.

1. mHealth app category performance gap: The Health & Fitness app category attracts more iPhone, iPad and Android users than the Medical app category. As a consequence the top selling apps in the Health & Fitness apps can expect to reach up to 11 times higher download numbers than in the Medical section for free apps and up to 7 times higher downloads for paid apps.

2.  mHealth mobile operating system performance gap: Although Android became the no. 1 platform for free mHealth apps in terms of monthly downloads, there is still a big performance gap for paid mHealth apps. Successful paid mHealth iPhone apps still generate 5-6 times higher monthly download numbers on average than their counterparts on the Android platform.

3.  mHealth device performance gap: Due to still higher penetration rates of smartphones compared to tablets, successful mHealth apps that are optimized for smartphones get 5 times (paid) and 2 times (free) more downloads than apps that are optimized for tablets.

This analysis is part of our new series of benchmarking reports starting with the US mobile healthcare app market. The report analyses the app market performance of the most successful mHealth apps on the iOS and Android platform.  Find out more in our report “US Top 10 mHealth Apps Performance Benchmarking”.

Apart from the report “US Top 10 mHealth Apps Performance Benchmarking” we just published the 3rd edition of our comprehensive “Global Mobile Health Market Report 2013-2017” by research2guidance is a business guide for traditional healthcare companies, mHealth specialists as well as for mobile operators wishing to successfully engage into the new mHealth market.

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