With today’s ever growing range of mobile phones being increasingly dominated by apps, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the amazing and the apathetically average. So here is just a small selection of everyday apps which could transform your life.

ZenAwake (iOS)

Waking up feeling spritely and energetic can feel more and more difficult with our increasingly hectic lives, especially when it comes to the end of the week. ZenAwake is a simple app that could solve a problem in your life that you didn’t even know you had.

The app on a basic level is an alarm clock. However, that’s where ZenAwake’s mediocrity, when it comes to other alarm apps anyway, ends.

ZenAwake doesn’t just wake you up with a blaringly loud tone each morning, jolting you out of a deep sleep and guaranteeing you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Instead, this app wakes you up with its ‘Golden Ratio’, playing quiet, soothing tones in a steady build-up ten minutes prior to your get-up time. The science behind the app is that by waking you up gently allows your body to emerge from its slumber in a natural manner, making you a happy chappy for the remainder of the day!

If that isn’t enough, you even get woken up to an inspiring quote from the likes of Ghandi and Einstein. What more could you want first thing in the morning?!

Mailbox (iOS)

Mailbox is the infamous game-changing app which, well, is exactly what you’d expect: a mailbox.

However, this app’s take on organising your emails is nothing like you’ve seen before. Mailbox allows you to sort through your inbox in one simple step, without making it feel like a chore. Simply swipe the email, without having to even open it, to send it to your archive or trash folders, or even snooze emails so you can deal with them later.

How often have you opened and read an important email, only to click off it and forget that it ever existed? With Mailbox, you can force the email to pop back into your inbox later that day, tomorrow, next week or even next month, ensuring that you never overlook an important message again.

The only bad news is that there are about 700,000 people ahead of you in the queue to get the app. But, in my opinion, it’s definitely worth the wait!

Tweetdeck (Android, iOS)

Tweetdeck, I’ll be the first to admit, is nothing new to the world of mobile phone apps. However, for anyone who has more than one Facebook or Twitter account- whether one is personal and another for business- Tweetdeck really does simplify the way you keep up with social media no end.

Simply download the app and add as many social media accounts as you like. You can then glance through all of your separate accounts, posting, liking or retweeting posts, without having to sign out of one account only to sign into another. With one single log in, you can control every one of your social accounts using the simple interface and customisable dashboard. Why make it difficult for yourself when you don’t have to?

Waze (Android, iOS)

Waze really could be a lifesaver for any of you out there who spend hours each week sitting behind a steering wheel on your daily commute. The app isn’t just any other navigation app which directs you from A to B, but is an app which could turn miserable car journeys into a thing of the past.

What makes Waze different is the fact that it takes into consideration traffic, accidents and road diversions on every journey, in order to get you to where you need to be using the quickest, not always the shortest, route possible.

The app uses live traffic information to alert you to upcoming traffic jams, and even allows you to alert other drivers to any accidents, incidents or roadworks which could affect other people’s journeys.

So why not get from A to B in super-quick timing, and do a good deed to help out fellow drivers?

Manila (iOS)

Manilla, above all, is the perfect app to help you gain control of your finances. Not only is it free and easy to use, Manilla lets you record and manage your accounts, bills, utilities and other expenses in one handy app, controlled with just one password. Why should it be only be your mobile phone contracts that you can manage using your phone?

If nothing else, this app could change the way you budget, save and spend each month, allowing you to review your spending without having to get the calculator and accounts books out.

The app also ensures that you never fall behind payment dates by sending you reminders when bills are due, as well as storing all of your account documents in one organised file.

 About the Author: Charlotte Kertrestel is a self-confessed mobile phone geek and author for Mobilephones.com, a website aimed at bringing you the best mobile phone deals, articles and up-to-date news.