App Name: Leonardo Da Vinci: Lost Secrets [Android]

Cost: Free / $3.05 USD

Developer: Temple of Game

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The long-waited and most successful game ever created on the fascinating Enigma of Leonardo Da Vinci comes to Android. Truly there is a Da Vinci Code? Leonardo Da Vinci arcade and brain game contains the answers.

A continuing challenge to intelligence, speed, reflexes and understanding of situations. Discover the Secrets of Da Vinci sheets and completed his enigmatic drawings. Recovered from an ancient manuscript in Florence, Italy, in January 2013.

Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, inventor, genius and Illuminato. Da Vinci’s paintings are full of riddles. But why, if he took care of all the sciences, without exception, between his sheets are never treated Geometry and Astronomy, Science has always been the most studied and celebrated? Really Leonardo did not say anything about the stars, the constellations and the planets?

The truth is that Da Vinci always considered geometry and astronomy as Sacred Sciences and was convinced that the Ancient hidden a Wisdom meant for a few Elects, the Illuminati. A Wisdom connected to the constellations of the universe and its elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Quintessence: the Ether, the most lightweight and mobile element.

In a January night in 1513, exactly 500 years ago, in Florence Da Vinci wrote down his findings and began to secure his mysterious drawings. The manuscripts were then locked in a trunk and carefully preserved by the Heirs of Wisdom who have handed down to us.

Leonardo filled these manuscripts with its puzzles, composed of geometrical and almost animated figures: it is now up to you to complete his sketches and become a worthy Heir of Universal Wisdom.

More than 150 different sheets in the “full manuscript” version, with situations, music and unique atmosphere of an ongoing challenge to intelligence and reflexes. A challenge that will amaze you and to which you’ll want to go back continually. Move the elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether between magnetic fields, gravity, constellations, checking the ink and the time available, the angles, the size and the intersections of the Vertices!

Do not cross your figures and move them on the sheets as soon as possible, achieving the goal, collecting the planets and the stars and avoid the pitfalls that Leonardo put in his drawings to deflect prying eyes.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan