App Name: Brain Puzzle Free [Android]

Cost: Free

Developer: Zariba

App Market: Download Page


Brain Puzzle is a fine collection of diverse brain teasers. As the game unravels one is dared to demonstrate his fine memory skills, combinatorial creativity, logical reasoning, and above all his true dedication to a fine puzzle.

The game has increasing difficulty so the player is required to win three stars on the currently unlocked levels in order to get extra Zold and use it to unlock the following challenges. This approach is aimed at stimulating replay ability and helping the player get used to the basic puzzles before he progresses further in the game. Obtaining essentials skills is crucial for mastering the yet to come puzzles and while the first four unlocked levels could appear to be easy – this hardly could be the case with what is yet to be revealed.  (Available on Amazon Market)

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan