Whether you’re just entering college or in the middle of a PhD, you will have heard a lot about research papers. They will take up a lot of your time and you need to be at it over a period of time. Many students need to rush to meet research paper deadlines, and you don’t want to go down that road.

Sleepless nights, bleary-eyed mornings, and lots of coffee are what make up a student’s life, days before a paper is due. If you have an iPad, here are a few apps that can help you make the task less daunting.

Pages: If you’re looking for a brilliant word processor that allows you to choose a good format and write whenever you want, then Apple’s Pages is a good option. The iPad version is tailor-made so that you can organize and write papers without any hassle. Priced at just below $10, this is a good investment if you have a number of research papers lined up.


Blackboard Mobile Learn: If your college has a Blackboard system, then this is a great app to access it. Moreover, Mobile Learn allows you to organize all your paper details and collaborate with others when you need help. You can attach large files via Dropbox or even use the app as a step-by-step planner. This works especially well when you have to submit your paper for multiple reviews at various stages.


Wolfram Alpha: For a research paper, you need to have the best references to back up all the points that you’re making. This could be the difference between a good grade and a mediocre one. That’s where Wolfram Alpha comes into the picture -the number one reference source out there. It covers a large number of domains that are updated regularly. A must-have for anybody using the iPad for their paper.


Things for iPad: Time can slip by real quick when you’re deep in a research paper. That’s why you need a time management app to keep you track for submission. Create a time line and set yourself small deadlines for specific sections in your paper. It’s a smart way of completing your research paper one step at a time. At $19.99, it’s a lovely app to possess.


iSource APA & iSource MLA: Most professors will expect their students to submit their papers in a particular style. Both the APA and MLA style are used frequently in various colleges, and these apps help you with all the formatting issues that pop up. Making sure you stay in tune with bibliography entries and citations is a walk in the park with either of these apps.



The iPad can turn out be really helpful when you need to get a research paper done. All the aspects of a paper are covered with these apps, but you could always widen your scope by downloading different ones. Most of them have the same functions, but you could find something else to add to your paper.

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