App Name: VNC® Viewer [Android]

Cost: $4.99 USD

Developer: RealVNC

App Market: Download Page


VNC Viewer connects your Android device to a computer anywhere in the world for remote access and control.

The app gives you the freedom to access your computer whilst travelling, remotely support friends, family and colleagues or access servers for troubleshooting wherever they are, reducing downtime, frustration and travel time.

Watch a video demonstration at:

VNC Viewer offers a host of features including:
• Intuitive trackpad-style mouse for precision control and scrolling options
• Connection recognition features allowing users to give connections user-friendly names and see desktop previews
• Mouse button mode for precise control using the left, middle and right mouse buttons, and scrolling using the mouse wheel
• Innovative scrolling key bar containing computer keyboard keys, such as function, modifier, editing, and navigation keys
• Enterprise class security, with support for 256-bit encryption when used with VNC with an Enterprise license

VNC Viewer can connect to any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or UNIX computer running a VNC-compatible Server. If you would like to take a look at VNC Viewer please provide details of the operating system you will be connecting to and I will send you a promotional code and license key for VNC with an Enterprise license.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan