Education has taken a new avatar; gone are the days when knowledge was meant to be gained only from school books and class teachers. The modern day schools are more independent and children are liberal to gain knowledge from various sources. Books are replaced with tablets in most of the schools. Some use it only in schools and some include tablets in the school supply list. Apps play an important role in a student who is using tablet for his/her studies.  Android apps can be used both in tablets and phones. It is time for us to discuss the best educational apps for Android. The apps that I am going to mention come for free.


There is a myth that the reading habit in people is completely lost. To contradict this statement, reading apps are purchased by thousands of people in the world. iStoryBooks is one of the best reading apps for children. Several children books are available such as Hansel & Gretel and other traditional stories. If you are looking for more books, you can subscribe to the premium service. With the premium service you can get to read the American history and several school subjects. The app comes with new books frequently and so they have a long lineup of books. All the books in this app have the “movie option” and “read to me option”. These two options can be disabled if you feel your child is young and needs assistance in reading.

“PicsArt” for Kids

Toddlers can now learn to draw better with the assistance of PicsArt. Children from the age of three can easily handle this app.  They can use it to draw and color pictures. Children get to learn the different shapes and to identify pictures of dinosaurs, fishes and princesses. This app was mainly designed to fit the large screens in tablets. Now many claim that the app works perfectly well on the phone screens as well.

How to “Draw”

This app encourages budding artists in each house. This app has easy art lessons that are simple to learn. There are seventy unique drawings that vary from simple shapes and complex picture to straight lines. Adults and children can enjoy drawing and learn to draw cartoon characters, animals, automobiles and more. Young and old alike can enjoy using this app, however, certain skills require children to be around 5 years old or more than that.

Kids Numbers & Math Lite

Can you imagine that this is a math app? Yes, preschool and elementary school children can use this app to have a better understanding of mathematics. Kids Numbers and Math Lite makes learning math interesting.  The app has games that deal with numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, max & min and more. The games are designed to entertain and educate. They keep the children engaged for hours and teaching them math simultaneously.

Kids “ABC” Letters Lite

Kids ABC Letter Lite is perfect for children who are aged between two and seven. This app acts as the first step in reading curriculum series and makes it interesting. This app comes free till the letter “h” and to read the rest, you have to upgrade to the paid version. This app teaches you to recognize letters, ways to form them and what they are called as.

These are not all; there are thousands of other Android apps which do good to your children’s education. Purchase them and make the best out of it.

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