App Name: Prince of Persia Classic Free

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

Cost: Free / $2.99 USD

Market: Google Play


People have gone crazy over the PC versions of this title. Whether it was the revolutionary Sands of Time, the Two thrones or the Warrior Within, the game franchise has managed to addict several thousands of gamers throughout. Now, this title is back and this time on – the Android.

The Plot:
The game is the recreation of the earlier blockbuster – Sands of Time. Players play as the Prince of Persia, an acrobatic warrior who is prisoned to death in a dungeon. The prince’s love interest is kidnapped by an evil wizard and it’s now up to the prince to save the princess by escaping the dungeon.

The Game play:
This title for Android manages to do full justice to the console and PC versions and often reminds you of those beautiful moments you experienced during the original game play. The classic version of this title is more based on the swiftness of the player than puzzle solving techniques. The game offers three modes for non-repetitive game play, which are:

Regular Mode:
This is the basic mode where you don’t have to undergo any time attacks or gore enemies. Just use your basic skills in combat and acrobats to traverse your way through the dungeons and castles and save the princess.

Time Attack:
This mode is a race against time. The game offers just 60 minutes for you to perform all the above mentioned actions and complete your quest.

This is perhaps one of the most challenging levels of the game, where it asks you to complete the game less than 60 minutes – without getting killed even once!

The controls of the game are pretty simple and easy to play. While on the move, the game offers four options for navigation which are the direction controls, one for the jump, one for the crouch and one for the creep. And during the endurance, the options change to accommodate controllers for attack, defend and counter attacks. One of the upsetting features of the game is that it fails to recreate the magic of the original Prince of Persia combat styles and truly lacks pace. It requires you to take down an enemy to proceed with the mission and resembles the game play style of the original Prince title, released in the 80’s.

The environments are huge, complex and bewildering at times. They are designed in such a way that the players can easily lose themselves half way through the game. So, aptly placed are the maps on the pause screen. This greatly assists to progress to further levels as it gives a brief outline of the possible directions and paths.

The Graphics:
Taking into consideration that this is a game for Smartphones, the graphics are A-OK. The prince looks charming and the game has some pretty cool recreation of dungeons and castles to its credits. The slow-mo style kills are delightful to watch. However, the visuals tend to slow down a bit at times and this adds to the slower pace of the game. Also, the placement of a mini map somewhere in the corner of the screen would have been a blessing. But, overall – decent!

The Bottom Line:
The game fares well and is indeed a great title for the Android. With over 14 levels of sheer action and easy to use controls, the game is the perfect tribute to the immortal franchise. If you can neglect the minor flaws, it should definitely make it to your handsets.

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