One of best things of possessing the iPhone is that you can have instant access to lots of apps. Many of the apps which have been downloaded may not work well or may prove to be invaluable. If you are a business professional and want to use the business apps then it is better to know which apps suit your requirement. Some of the common finance apps for the business are:

Analytics App: It is a good and useful app for the website owners and bloggers. It gives the reports in an organised manner. This app makes it easier on mobile than using this app on the desktop browser to check and analyse the websites statistics. You can view the stats for the one day, 1 week or 1 year period of time. You can check the traffic sources to your site like from where it is coming and what are the reference sites. You can know the complete user behaviour of the website.  You can also get information like by through which searched keywords has the user landed on the site. The minimum requirement to use this app is iPhone, iPod with iOS 4.3 or above.

Flight Track Pro: If you often travel by air and want to know the updated information of flights then this app is very useful for such persons. This app contains the details of almost of every commercial flight that is operating throughout the world. Flight Pro apps allow the user to check arrival time, departure time, duration of the journey and also the weather conditions. This app can also be used to search the flights. To find the flight you need to know about from which airline you’re travelling and from which location, if you know the flight number then you can search it using this app. This app features amazing maps for users.

Biz Expense Tracker: Many people need to keep track of their personal or business related accounts to check their credits, bills, Instant loans and much more. So such people can use this app for the tracking of expenses and incomes for their business and personal use. Because of its  user friendly interface it is most popular and these features make it an essential app for the tracking finances. This app can be used without any knowledge of finance or accounting. By using this app you can email the expenses and reports that are generated.  This app can also be used on the desktop or Drop box. This app supports all the major currencies of the world. You can also sort the reports by the category, date, payment type etc. the app also boasts secure password protection.

Evernote: It is a free business apps which helps to recollect everything. You can save ideas, take notes, photos, videos, reminder of the important to do lists and also record yourself. This has been rated by the New York Times in the Top 10 Must have apps for business and personal use. Some of the important features are you can sync all the data between your desktop and mobile, save edit and share files. You can also share the file to Facebook accounts with friends and colleagues.

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