In our busy lives, it can be incredibly difficult to remain productive and organized at any given moment. From bills to pay to subscriptions to keep up-to-date, working professionals often have lots to juggle. Enter Manilla, a nifty Android app that makes it easy to manage financial information from one place. Bill notifications provide an easy way to stay on top of balances that are due, while electronic storage of financial statements makes it easy to review information from previous months on the go. Manilla is also free, making it ideal for thrifty Android users.

A Companion App
For those users who are already familiar with the Manilla service, the Android app should be quite intuitive and easy to use. Manilla is a web-based service that anyone can use to stay on top of their financial lives. Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of the website is that it is incredibly compatible across the board, meaning users with a wide array of different financial accounts should have no difficulty linking their different banks, credit cards, and magazines to the service.

Looking at the Competition
Mint is another powerful financial service that is available to users for free, making it easy to see how much money is in an account at any given time, as well as budget for spending and make certain bills are paid on time. There are a few key differences between the two services, however. For one, Mint is only used for financial accounts, meaning it cannot be the answer for those looking for a way to stay on top of bills that are due. Manilla is compatible plenty of different service providers, from telecommunications companies like DIRECTV and T-Mobile, to airline rewards programs from Delta and United. While there is no question that users who are already connected online will enjoy the ability to access their Manilla account directly from the Android app, this app is also ideal for those who have never used the online service. Establishing an account on the go is quite simple, and several different security tools ensure that data is encrypted safely. This makes it a good solution, even for those who are concerned about issues surrounding identity theft and fraud. The app even requires double authentication, requiring users to enter both a password and a PIN to access information on the servers.

Limited Userbase
Manilla does exactly what it claims to do, providing an easy way for users to stay organized and keep their bills and statements in one place. Its Android app is impressive for retaining many of the features of the service that make it so popular in the first place. One of the only real gripes with the product is simply that it is presently only available to U.S. customers. This means that international Android users will have to look elsewhere, should they be searching for a financial product that makes it easy to stay organized. The key to Manilla’s success might be that service providers have a valid reason for encouraging users to connect with Manilla: it saves them money. As more providers connect to the service, managing bills will become even easier than before. Of course, thanks to the Android app and the notifications it provides, staying current on bills and balances can be done on the go. The app will no doubt prove useful for those who have already been utilizing Manilla to keep their finances in check, and could even sway a few new users to check out all the service has to offer.

About the Author: Fred Philipps is a tech blogger who can edit resume