HappyGiant Announces “Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends” for iPad and iPhone 5; Teaser Video Now Available

New iOS Game To Create A Realistic 3D Play Experience With Dolphins & Orcas

New York, USA, September 17th, 2012 – Having your own wild dolphin may be an unrealistic goal, but in early October you can own a virtual dolphin or orca in the highly entertaining, free-to-play pet-sim, Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends, from HappyGiant. To celebrate the upcoming game, HappyGiant today released a teaser highlighting the high-flying action of its dolphins. It’s easy to see how this beautifully detailed pet-sim will more than appeal to its targeted dolphin-loving demographic.

Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends is a gorgeous 3D pet-sim that turns your iOS device into a virtual lagoon.  Here, you can feed, train and create a strong bond with realistic looking dolphins and orcas. These high-resolution, animated dolphins swim and perform tricks across your screen and crave your attention at each step of the game, awaiting your commands.

The game includes an easy-to-follow tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know about your wild friend. You start with your own dolphin and form a bond with it, and then proceed to name, feed, pet, train it and eventually use it to compete in acrobatic shows and competitions. You can also take photos of your pet dolphin using an in-game camera, and share them with your friends via email, Facebook or Twitter.

With Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends, you’ll need to take care of your pet, as you’ll be required to feed it regularly to keep its health & energy up.  It will also require love, affection and petting in order to stay happy.  Teach your dolphin tricks while advancing though the ranks and eventually unlock various performances where you can show off your pet’s high jumping tricks. There is plenty of content to explore as players can purchase different food types, custom props for tricks, decorations for shows and additional dolphins and sea mammals.

Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends is a must for players of all ages. And you won’t even have to worry about cleaning the fish tank!

For more information and updates about the game, please visit: http://www.dolphinparadiseapp.com

About HappyGiant

Founded by veterans of LucasArts and Pileated Pictures, HappyGiant is a developer and publisher of free-to-play, social games for mobile, tablets and emerging platforms. Their most recent app for the Paramount Pictures’ film “The Dictator: The Wadiyan Games” has been downloaded over a million times.

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