The single most effective way to make a website more successful and more lucrative is to increase the amount of traffic visiting your pages. This way you can increase the number of clicks you get on your adverts, increase the potential audience for your affiliate schemes and promotions, and promote your business to the maximum number of people. And apart from all that, making sure you get at least a good amount of visitors to your site is an important way to ensure that you have an audience to appreciate all your hard work, and it can be somewhat disheartening to work hard on a website and have no one actually get to see it…

Getting more people to your site however is of course easier said than done and it’s something that every site owner is trying to accomplish. There’s a lot of competition on Google and on the wider web, and this can make it hard to stand out. That’s why it’s important to use not only the more conventional and better known methods of getting your site noticed, but also the lesser known strategies that can nevertheless also be very effective. One such strategy is the use of Android Apps, where you will have more limited competition but still get the opportunity to link a large audience directly to your website’s pages.  Here we will look at how to make use of an Android app as a way to generate traffic for your site.

Idea: First of all you need to come up with an idea for an app that will get seen. To do this you need to try and fulfil a need that exists on the Play Store and offer something that people are looking for. The best way to accomplish this is to look at the Play Store and to try typing into the search box terms that you think might be popular – if they are then the suggestion will come up just as you are typing it (like they do on Google). Now continue this search and assess the competition – can you beat them? Is there any?

Building the App: Now there are plenty of ways you can go about building an Android App, but one of the most effective and rapid ways to develop is using the recent ‘Basic4Android’ software. This is basically a paid (but affordable) download that gives you the ability to program Android apps using code that’s very similar to Visual Basic. For anyone struggling with the Android SDK and Java this can make the process significantly easier and quicker. Of course make sure your app is a decent quality to ensure you don’t get too many people immediately uninstalling the app.

Link: Now make sure that your app also includes a direct link in a prominent position that will take people to your site. Clicking this will load up the browser so it’s just as good as Adsense. Avoid including other advertising on your app as this will just dilute the effectiveness of your own marketing.

Standing Out: This is the main secret to being a success on Android is to target keywords and phrases – just the same as you do with general SEO. This means fulfilling a need as we mentioned above and looking for the things people are searching for. If you can target a niche, name your app correctly, or use keywords and phrases (even associating your app with other popular software) in the description then you can quickly get a lot of people to see your app. Make this free and you can get thousands of downloads.

Updates: The other way to get noticed is to create as many updates as possible. Each update pushes your app higher up in the market and gets you better reviews, so make sure to role out even just simple updates on a regular basis.

About the Author: Tom Koh is an avid blogger and internet marketing genius. He has shared tips to  get site traffic  through his articles that has helped many marketing firms immensely.