Online casino has been one of the biggest growth industries of the digital era, and has ensured that the gambling sector as a whole has adapted to the rise of the internet far more effectively than other parts of the entertainment industry – for example the music business. Online casino sites have been the way in which this sector has responded to the challenges laid down by the internet, and they have been able to offer a combination of convenience and quality that has made them a serious alternative to playing at a land-based one, but the modern world moves fast and increasingly mobile devices are overtaking home computers – so where does that leave the Australian online casino?

In as strong a position as ever it would seem as the big companies and casino games developers have spotted this shift and adapted their services accordingly once again. Most of the big gaming companies now offer mobile casino websites aimed specifically at mobile users while more casino game apps than ever are being created for use on a mobile phone – with Android phones representing the biggest market of all. Of course not all of the multiple casino games for Android are of comparable quality for users as there are plenty of reasons why you should choose some casino games over others and many of these games for Android fall within that category.

One reason can be a low standard of graphics quality, as this will make a game either a disappointing experience for the player, or simply a frustrating one – if the game takes a long time to download and set up. Another, and perhaps more important reason why some of the many Android casino games are poor, is that they offer low odds of actually winning. At root after all most people playing casino games want to have a real chance of winning – even if they want to enjoy the actual gaming experience as well.