English: Golf ball.

The Android market is brimming with games and apps for golf fans and has a huge range of different apps to help you get a shot of golfing fun while you’re on your commute or to improve your game with training and additional information on the course.

That said, if you are truly a golfing nut you may still find yourself wanting more and looking for other things you can use to entertain yourself and that’s why it’s worth looking outside of just golf apps and seeing what else the Play Store can offer you – you’d be surprised to learn there are quite a few other apps out there that can help you get your fix. Here are some examples…

Super Monkey Ball 2:

Super Monkey Ball from Sega is not a golf game but it has a lot in common with many mini golf games – getting you to steer your little monkey-in-a-hamster ball around a series of topsy-turvy levels filled with creative obstacles. This is a great one for testing your spatial awareness too as it makes you move the level rather the monkey directly in order to roll it to your destination. If a gold game had these graphics and such great Gameplay it would be the best golf experience on the market. The only disappointment is that you are forced to play the levels in batches which makes no sense in a mobile app.

Sonic the Hedgehog has been Sega's mascot sinc...

 Sonic The Hedgehog Episode 4 Part 1:

It’s always felt a bit like rolling a ball around a maze controlling Sonic the Hedgehog games, but the bonus levels are even more golf like in getting you to once again steer him towards the goal in a twisting maze. Sonic the Hedgehog 1 features more of the same if you can’t get enough.


Endomondo is a great app for runners and arguably the most useful running app on the Play Store. The idea is that you use Endomondo to track your progress as you go for your runs and you can this way measure precisely how far you’ve run, as well as how quickly you ran, and exactly where you ran (it plots out your route on a little map which you can upload to Facebook). How does this benefit a golf fan you might ask? Well if you are really interested in becoming great at golf, then good physical fitness is just as important, so a few fitness apps on your phone won’t do you any harm.


The bodybuilding.com app then completes the picture by letting you train your muscles as well to generate more powerful swings and avoid injury. It has a large directory of bodybuilding moves and exercises, and also a social network for spurring you on to greatness.

Paper Toss:

Paper Toss

This is another great little game for golf fans that doesn’t have a golf ball in sight. This time the objective is simply to flick your finger up the screen in order to toss a screwed up piece of paper into the bin. It’s great for practicing your aim (though I’m under no illusions that this will improve my golf skills…) and you even need to take the ‘wind’ into account thanks to some cleverly placed fans.


About the Author: Mr. Michael is a tech blogger and aspiring android game apps writer. He is a golf fanatic person and recommends to buy golf accessories from Australia’s biggest online golf store www.golfbox.com.au.