App Name:  T4T – Twitter for Tablets

Description: There are dozens of Twitter apps out there, but none of them really take advantage of a large screen, until now.

T4T uses the extra real estate to display entire timelines of each person you follow. Each timeline is left-right swipeable, is endlessly scrollable, and is displayed based on the person’s latest tweet from top to bottom.

Your account’s timeline is always in view. Perhaps the greatest benefit of using the extra real estate is having your status updates in a dedicated row at the top of the app’s screen. Tapping on any of the familiar functions like Reply, Retweet, Delete Tweet, Send with Mention, is instantly reflected in this row.

Other notable features include:  Mention Mode, where the screen switches to show the people who mention you in their tweets; Conversations shows the thread of replies of a tweet; Automatic Updates allows tweets to be updated in the background.

Cost: Free

Developer: Battle Mountain Inc

Market: Google Play