App Name: Amazing Alex

Developer: Rovio Mobile Ltd.

Cost: Free/ $0.99 USD

Market: Google Play


From the makers of Angry Bird, Rovio, finally comes another game – the Amazing Alex. Don’t be put off by the name – even if they could have done better with the alliteration, if that was indeed what they were going for, they have still managed to put up a pretty fun game, which like Angry Birds is addictive enough to keep you playing for hours. This game has been acquired by an independent developer (Go indie!), and already it has become the top iOS game. It is also available on the Android of course, but not on Windows phone. But then, very few developers develop for Windows.

If you’ve been a player of Angry Birds however, you will see many similarities. The animation is very similar, all glossy and slick and the interface is similar too. The storyline, like Angry Birds, is pretty simplistic, but if you’re a fan of Angry Birds you will love it, because the game is designed for a relaxing, fun, no thinking experience.

In the game, you are Alex, a wonder kid who has a fantastic imagination and wants to put his many toys to use by building a domino effect or a Rube Goldberg contraption to get to the next level. You have everything from books, balloons, pens, wooden planks and about 35 object including these that you can throw around either a backyard, a classroom, a bedroom or a tree house. You have different items to throw around with each level which you do by dragging them and letting them fly in a parabolic manner – much like Angry Birds. There are stars to collect –three of them which you need to get to the next level.

There are challenges. You can’t let the ball hit a maze or other obstacles, can’t allow the balloon to hit the air of scissors so all this makes it more fun. Because it is trial and error, the game has unlimited tries for any level. There are a hundred levels, and there are various permutations to clear each level, which means if you did it in one manner the first time, you can do it in another the next time. Once you get through the classroom however, you get to unlock a fifth level called My Level where you can make your own challenges and share them with others who love the game.

This game like Angry Birds is fun for those hours when you have nothing to do. Sitting on a train, waiting in a line, idling away your time? Well, now you know how not to be bored.

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