App Name: Imo Instant Messenger

Cost: Free


Market: Google Play


You are you big into instant messaging that you probably heard of IMO. IMO is an instant messaging service that allows you to check in with friends on Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), ICQ/AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, and Myspace,, Hyves and the imo network.  The free app has been designed to be easy to use and with one login you can access all of your IM accounts. With this Android app, you can have group messaging, share group photos, have multi-media attachments, chat history and more.

Recently the social platform Meebo was acquired by Google and anounced they will be shutting their doors in July.  Well,, announced a new service where former Meebo users can join their network and download and import all previous chat logs and share histories directly to the imo platform. Pretty cool. As side note:  Users must download their chats from Meebo, prior to importing them onto the imo network. The tool can be used only if former users have already downloaded their previous chat history prior to the July 11th deadline when Meebo’s services were disabled.

This got me thinking so I reached out the Imo to learn a little more about them.


Q. Tell us about your company?
A. Based in Palo Alto, imo is a fast-growing startup founded and funded by one of the first ten employees at Google, Georges Harik and his brother, Ralph Harik. imo is building products that help millions of people around the world connect with their friends on any IM network. imo is free on the web, as well as Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry platforms.

The inspiration for imo came from the Harik brothers’ desire for a better way to keep in touch with their family overseas. The imo web platform launched in 2007 and developed its Android app in 2010. Their mobile apps now have over 4 million downloads. imo has over 700,000 unique daily users who send over 50 million messages every day.

Q. How long has imo (the app) been around?
A. The Android app was launched in 2010 and currently has a 4.5 star rating. In 2011, we also launched a beta version of the app which offers new and experimental features for testing purposes.

Q. The app is free but are there ads?
A. Currently, there are no ads on the imo app.

Q. Why should someone use Imo?
A. Imo is an all-in-one communication tool that is easy and convenient. You can sign in with your existing IM accounts to message with friends, but imo also has several other features such as voice calling, chat groups, group photo sharing, voice IMs and an easily accessible chat history feature to make the app even more useful.  imo supports 12 different networks including imo, Skype, AIM, Facebook, GTalk, Yahoo, Hyves, MSN, Steam, Vkontakte, Myspace and Jabber.

Q. Can you give us more details on how Meebo customers can move over to Imo?
A. The transition to imo is as simple as downloading the imo app. With support for 12 different IM networks and popular features such as chat groups and voice IMs, we think imo will be a great alternative for former Meebo users. To make the transition to imo easier, we added a feature to import Meebo chat history though our web client. Instructions can be found on our blog.

So if you are a Meebo user or someone that uses IM a lot, looks like Imo would be an app that could help you out.