Jelly Bean is the latest version of the operating software from Android. Called Android 4.1, it has a score of enhanced features that go with the 4.0 infrastructure. Here are the things you might enjoy in this aptly named treat of an update.

  1. Smooth as butter- Once in a way, your tablet or phone does not react as quickly as you want it to. Project Butter is a bid by the Android team to eliminate this screen lag and increase reaction time and even make faster animation. What this means is triple buffering for better integration between the CPU and GPU, which in turn creates smoother appearances. You can use this to better your app experiences and make them work harder and faster for you. This is great news considering Google’s maiden tablet, Nexus 7 runs on Jelly Bean 4.1.
  2. Google Now- Considered to be competition to the popular Siri, in Apple’s iPhone®, this feature allows you to search by voice, giving you updated, timely information. So, whether it is train schedules or stock market updates, a restaurant close-by or a route to a holiday destination, you will be able to get instant information.
  3. Widgets reloaded- With Jelly Bean, you can refit widgets and relocate applications to fit the screen. This means more room for more widgets of immediate importance.
  4. Voice in a new tune- Which voice is not new, you now have an offline voice option. The voice recognition software fits into your phone or tablet and needs no internet connection for it to work. Available in English, there are plans to include other languages too.
  5. Better keyboard- There is better accessibility for blind users who can use Braille devices to connect to Android. Apart from this, gestures to perform preset, basic tasks are also built in. These features open a whole new world of opportunity, both to Android and to those people who were earlier unable to use the software.
  6. Camera options- Android has taken customer complaints to heart and updated the camera so that you can move to the gallery as soon as you have taken a picture, rather than take a picture and then go to the gallery as two separate actions. You can also use Bean to share pictures with other users with just a tap.
  7. Notifications- The notifications are richer and bigger in size, expandable or collapsible and you can view pictures and perform multiple actions with the new version. You can interact with Google Plus and Gmail among others.

Jelly Bean is out and has been worth the wait.

About the Author: Mark Bennett of, a site that offers savings and current information on Comcast Internet.