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English: LG Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With fierce competition in the horizon many companies just can’t compete. Considering the lack of resources and consumer preferences for certain brands, others tend to follow in the hope that they might be able to achieve some distinction in the market. LG is one of those brands that tries to compete with giant innovators like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft but its success isn’t going as well as planned.

Recently LG decided to pull out of the Tablet market and focus more on the production and designing of new smart-phones. According to Ken Hong, LG’s spokesman told the officials that they’ve decided to take out its tablet from the market and focus on smart-phones. In the battle of tablets, LG’s Optimus Pad failed to intrigue the consumers as they rushed towards the IPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Apart from this LG had created a little steam about its Optimus Pad LTE but after going through their recent decision it seems as if their Tablet department is going to take a vacation for some time.

Without criticism, LG’s move is quite neat considering them safe-guarded themselves from future losses. The tablet market is ruled by Apple’s IPad and whatever is left goes to Android tablets by Samsung and ASUS. LG’s sales couldn’t even reach the break-even point and rather than drown in abysmal losses and marketing expenses LG has tried to venture into something that they can easily penetrate into.

Although LG states that it’s leaving the tablet market temporarily it will be difficult for it to enter the market in the future. With Microsoft’s Surface residing in the Tablet world, competitors such as Samsung and ASUS are even worried, and even if Apple doesn’t agree to it, it’s going to face a slight battle as well. With new ideas and innovations sparkling every now and then, LG will have to do something dramatically appealing when it decided to come back in the Tablet market and that will have great costs for the Research and Development market as well as production. Microsoft’s Surface has caused another serious contender’s entrance in the market but LG’s spokesman says that its announcement doesn’t change anything at LG. That’s quite a simple statement by Mr. Hong but can have serious issues for LG in the future when it decides to come back in producing tablets.

Even though LG’s decision for withdrawing its Tablet from the market might give other competitors a little more market share its idea for improving and focusing on smart-phones will give further competition to smart-phone producers. LG’s recent Optimus 4X HD was launched in Europe in collaboration with Android. Optimus XD has great specifications; the phone runs on four cores and once the phone switches to standby it shifts to the fifth core. It’s built with a 4.7 inch true HD display with an advanced 8 mega pixel camera. Apart from this the cell phone is extremely light and efficient. The quad processor installed and NFC chip make it run like an athlete and users won’t be disheartened once they make their purchase.

Conclusively it can be said that LG’s decision about Tablet withdrawal might give it the much needed boost. By giving all its attention to the smart-phone LG can easily deploy more monetary resources into innovation and idea conjunction rather than trying to juggle two key technological productions together. Other smart-phone producers need to be warned by LG’s new strategy, with more money, time and efficiency they could easily come out with products and innovations that could steal away consumers.

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