Pancakes!!! Reboot

Our good friends over at FlowerPot Games have come out with Pancakes 2.0 or Pancakes Reboot. If you played the the first game or tried the demo, you will want to give this updated game another go around. There have been a huge number of updates. For all the details, head over to their blog. Overall I really like the updates and it definitely has increased it replay value.

So what is new?

The Rush Order customer is in a hurry and needs her pancakes fast! You have a fixed amount of time to complete the order before the customer walks out unhappy. And we all know an unhappy customer means no tip!

When a Picky Eater comes in, even the best waiter shudders. This customer is finicky and demanding, wanting his order made precisely and accurately. If you add anything extra when making the order, they’ll leave without paying.

Earn Stars – You can now earn up to 3 stars on each order. The higher your score the more stars you get. There is a theoretical max achievable score for each order. It takes planning and thought to get the max.

More Stuff – The free version of Pancakes!!! now comes with 150 orders, 10+ unlockable toppings, and 50 challenge rounds for free. The original free version of Pancakes!!! had only 10 orders, 2 unlockable toppings, and 2 All You Can challenge rounds for free. You can upgrade to 400 orders and 30+ unlockable toppings by visiting the in-game store.

Developer: Flowerpot Games

Market: Android

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Larry Sullivan