App Name: VIRUSFighter Android

Description: VIRUSfighter for Android is a lightweight, fast, virus & malware detection app. With this app, you can set up scheduled scans to make sure your tablet or phone is always secure. With updates up to several times per day (depending on the frequency of new threats being released), this app can help keep you protected.

Cost: Free

Developer: SPAMfighter aps

Market: Android

Understanding about virus protection is important, so we reached out to the developer to get some more information for you. Below are the questions we posed.

Q. Tell us a little about your company?

A. SPAMfighter is a security and utility software company providing state-of-the-art consumer and business solutions.  We’re headquartered in Denmark and have satellite offices in the US, Ukraine, and Thailand.

Q. What products do you offer?

A. Our flagship product is SPAMfighter, a community powered spam filter for email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, and Windows Mail.  VIRUSfighter and SPYWAREfighter are antivirus and anti-spyware tools respectively. Our newest offerings are SLOW-PCfighter and FULL-DISKfighter, for PC optimization and retrieving disk space.

In addition, we have business server anti spam and security solutions.

Q. What products if any do you have coming out in the near future?

A. We released VIRUSfighter Android just weeks ago and currently have a Mac version of FULL-DISKfighter which is free for the duration of the beta.

Q. Why do folks need to worry about anti-virus etc on their mobile phone?

A. For the same reasons that people need to worry about viruses infections on their computers. Virus writers, identity thieves, and hackers will take advantage of unsuspecting users through any and all possible avenues and Android devices will receive an increasing amount of attention as its user base grows.

Q. Other than anti-virus, what should a person do to protect their phone and  its infor?

A. Physical theft and negligence are also common concerns that can be alleviated with applications for remotely wiping or locking the device, tracking its location, and backing up important data.

Q. Where do you see the mobile industry going in the next few years?

A. Global smartphone sales will take the lead over basic communication devices and will drive internet adoption in third world countries.   They’ll become an even more integrated part of daily activity as mobile commerce continues to grow and technology such as near-field communications enables mobile “e-wallet” payments.

Larry Sullivan

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Larry Sullivan