A new OnLive streaming gaming service has been launched and owners of the new Galaxy Nexus are to be one of the first to be able to play with it. It is only available on certain Android and iOS platforms.

With over 25 games available, OnLive is a service that was launched in September allowing users to play video games online from various devices like a Mac or a PC. This latest launch rolls the platform out to tablets and smartphones allowing gamers to continue the entertainment on the move and using it from device to device. Users can either play game by game or subscribe via a monthly plan. Games on offer include Batman, La Noire or Assassin’s Creed.

While Apple waits to approve the new app, it gives Android platforms, in particular the new flagship handset, the Nexus, free reign to explore the opportunities of the new gaming platform on smartphones.

The new app will allow users to access all games and demos on the OnLive site. It comes with three control methods for touchscreen. Undoubtedly the responsive Nexus touchscreen, which at 4.65” is a good size for gamers, will make this a popular feature. Some of the games’ developers have created their own touchscreen controls, as many of these titles were not originally intended for touchscreen devices. A wireless controller will be available for those games that do not utilize the touchscreen controls.

OnLive say the reason they developed the new platform is for gamers who have a console at home, but want to continue while they are on the move. Different games, they say, warrant different controls. Not all need a button interface or console rig. But as well as for hardcore gamers, the platform is also designed to entice those who do not own a console but might be more interested to explore the top-rated games on their smartphone. Titles like La Noire, a detective story at its heart, or Heavy Rain, will be opened up to a wider audience and might find fans among people who would not usually have tried them.

Games developers tapping into the smartphone market is nothing new. Infinity Blade II was one of the highlights of the iPhone 4S launch, showing that more designers are incorporating techniques and versions to allow enhanced or altered game play on smartphones. Instead of being seen as inferior to console gaming, it is just a different market – and one that is becoming more lucrative with every phone launch.

The 1.2 GHz processor, coupled with a display of 720 x 1280 pixel resolution means the Galaxy Nexus is an ideal Android device to explore the new app. Fast, so ensuring a smooth experience, while boasting excellent screen technology, color ratio and contrast means games will be brimming with detail and depth. It is yet another feature that makes the Nexus a popular choice for those looking for a new smartphone this Christmas.

However, what is really important here are data speeds. With OnLive, and cloud based gaming, all of the games processing takes place on an external computer and then is transmitted to the smartphone or tablet. Luckily the Galaxy Nexus is well suited in this regards too, with some of the best 3G and 4G connections in the smartphone world

(Today’s article is from Simon Drew, who works for Best Mobile Contracts, the UK’s leading mobile phone comparison website.)